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Financial advisor to Grupo Moreno in the context of a DIP financing with Quadra and Sudcen to complete the recovery plan

R$ 660 million

Fairness Opinion to the Board of Petrobras in the context of sale of 11 fields onshore at Polo Kiriri (Carmopolis Cluster) in Sergipe for Carmo Energy (Cobra Group)

R$ 1,1 bi

Fairness for Intelbras Board of Directors in the context of Renovigi acquisition

R$ 334 million

Interview with Ricardo
Lacerda, President of
BR Partners for Estadão.
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Personal Credit: Market Alert
with regard to attempted fraud

BR Partners Banco de Investimento S.A. hereby declares that it has been receiving requests for information regarding personal credit operations that would, in theory, be intermediated by alleged agents or representatives of BR Partners Banco de Investimento S.A. ("Banco BR Partners"), which use false documents containing the logo and CNPJ of companies of the group. We warn everyone that Banco BR Partners does not operate in the personal credit sector and is not authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil to do so. Therefore, Banco BR Partners declares to all that it does not authorize or use agents and/or representatives for granting personal credit. Therefore any person or company that presents itself as a representative or agent of Banco BR Partners for granting credit, The operations mentioned above are in no way linked to the BR Partners group. The above mentioned facts have already been communicated to the authorities If you have any questions or for further information, please contact us Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm on 0800-7783355 or by email

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